Payroll, Bookkeeping and Outsourcing

The ever-increasing burden of financial reporting can distract directors and business owners from managing their core business. Outsourcing these functions to specialist professionals allows you to concentrate on what you love and what you do best. We recognise that each client is different and we offer a service that is tailored specifically to your needs. Completely flexible in our approach, some of our clients may simply require a short-term solution whilst others require an ongoing service.

Our specialised staff are able to provide you with solutions across the following disciplines:

Professional Payroll Services

Getting payroll spot-on is the only option. Our Payroll & Pensions team will manage the end-to-end process of employee starters, ongoing payment and leaving. We won’t just process the numbers that you provide; we’ll exercise our expertise, professional scepticism and query anything that doesn’t look right. Critically we will use the latest fintech technology to ensure that your employees are paid on time and that income tax and social security rules are applied correctly, including advice on the optimal tax treatment of employee benefits and expenses. Just before payday, we will send the final payroll calculations for your approval and then provide you or your employees with payslips.

We also provide CIS payroll to all types of businesses that work in the construction industry within the UK.

Professional Pensions Services

As your accountant we are privy to your financial and payroll records and ideally positioned to provide you with a comprehensive and cost-efficient pensions service. Our fully integrated Payroll & Pensions service will help you navigate, step-by-step, the change in law on workplace pensions. Our experts will act as your point of contact with the Pensions Regulator and help ensure that you fulfil all your staging date duties, as well as your ongoing responsibilities with Automatic Enrolment.

We provide a guarantee of confidentiality and the assurance of special attention to all aspects of your payroll function.


Clients often say that they spend around 20% of their time on bookkeeping and you’ve probably got other things you’d rather be doing. Our bookkeeping services in North West London can help you spend less time on receipts and invoices and more time on your revenue-generating activities. With your books in good order, we can work with you in the cloud on management accounts, Key Performance Indicators and a host of other interactive reports to help enhance the marketability of your business.

VAT Returns

Our dedicated VAT team helps business owners plan ahead, improve cashflow, save money and stay compliant. Aside from registering your business, ensuring VAT is correctly accounted for and submitting your returns, we can carry out a VAT health check to give you the assurance that your business is efficient or to reveal cost saving opportunities. We regularly advise clients on:

  • property transactions
  • transfer of a VAT registered business
  • overseas trading
  • transactions which fall outside the normal trading activities for a business
  • litigation cases, acting for your business in tax disputes and reviewing documentation

Incorporating the VAT returns bookkeeping process with your accounts production means that our accountants can provide you with quarterly management accounts. It also means that filing of your annual accounts can take place on time, every time.

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