Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accountant North London

As Forensic Accountant, our aim is to analyse complex financial information on your behalf and present a timely input that leads to a resolution without litigation. In the event that a dispute does reach the courts, we’ll provide an expert witness to convey a clear, concise analysis. We are experienced in liaising with legal advisers and can act for claimants or defendants; prosecution or defence, including individuals, businesses and liquidators. 


Fraud and financial investigations 

You may suspect fraud or theft within your business. Mouktaris & Co can carry out a detailed examination of financial records, often from different sources of evidence, to establish the facts and provide an impartial opinion. 


Business valuation and disputes 

Partner or shareholder disputes can strain enterprise value. Disputes can arise from disagreements over the valuation of the business, work-in-progress, dividend payments or imbalanced tax consequences. With mediation from an impartial expert, the payoff to all parties should reflect the commercial reality. 


Commercial disputes 

Your business may have suffered a financial loss resulting from a breach of warranty, a breach of contract, or a contract dispute, or may have a claim for business interruption. We can advise on all aspects of a dispute including quantifying the loss and ensuring a robust claim. 


Personal injury 

You may have suffered a personal injury from a road accident or an accident at work. We can help you quantify your loss of earnings, including pension losses and dependency claims. 

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